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 Alain Ruel

Number of years paddling: At age 29 I move out west in Calgary, and started paddling with a recreational dragonboat team. The year after, I moved to Vancouver and really developed an interest for the sport of dragonboating. In 1997, I moved one last time in Toronto where I joined a existing team called Jetstart. This team was a corporate team from Canadian Airlines. Unsatisfied with the level of participation of the team, I got myself more involve in the team foundation and to soon become the captain. 4 years later, I still wanted more from the team and also took upon the role of coach, hopefully to one day become a very competitive team! The rest is a known story. Jetstart became a very competitive team over the next couple of years, but always kept the fun and the social just like when the team started, including many social and cross training activities!

Why did you start paddling? On the level of paddling, I paddled for multiple teams like “Rip The Fondue”, who represented Canada at the CCWC in Penang, followed by “Slipstream” and “Ocean1” and represent Canada in Hong Kong at the Club Crew in 2012. The following year, I was invited to join the National team for the “Senior A” and also the “Open Senior A” team.

Best part about being on Jetstart: The paddlers! The reputation and recognition that Jetstart has around the world.

Most memorable moment: Every time I step into the boat full of Jetstart paddlers!

Favourite hobbies: Hobbies wise, I am a recreational runners, although also strive to be as competitive as I can be, and participate for one or two marathons yearly. As it is probably figured, I am a very avid paddler, but especially when it comes to Outrigger Canoe paddling. I enjoy every moment I spend on the water.

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